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Stephen Swire was charmed into launching his Cheesecake Allure catering business by the entrepreneurial spirit of Lidia Swire, his 14 year old daughter.
 At an early age, she fell in love with her father’s delicious homegrown cheesecake that he creates with a loving blend of his family secret smooth and silky ingredients.

In 2013 Stephen Swire’s “smart and beautiful daughter” asked him to make cheesecake for her school classmates.  After one alluring bite, her classmates were hooked and word spread unexpectedly quick that Lidia’s claim “my daddy makes the best cheesecake in the world” was absolutely true!  And poof, Cheesecake Allure was born.


Without even trying, in only one year, Stephen secured over $10,000 in sales of various Cheesecake Allure inspired products.  In fact, Cheesecake Allure has served over 1,500 people at catered events such as birthday-bridal-bachelor parties, college sorority- fraternity clubs and church groups.

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